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Top 2024 Living Room Accent wall Design Ideas

Most beautiful and 2024 trending ideas to design your living space like living room, drawing room, hallway accent wall with trending geometry wall design patterns.

Decorate your highlighted wall with our elegant designs and most client already decorate their walls with our ideas, and they love it. Make your living space luxurious and very eye catchy. Now dive into top wall design ideas of 2024

1- Box shaped panel

So as you see in the photo, these are box shape panels which are made of MDF, and the arrow shaped design that you are seeing in 2-3 boxes, this design has also been given by CNC cutting in MDF.

wall design mdf

This 2024 trending wall design which is made of MDFP panel makes your living room very luxurious and you can paint it in grey, green and light shade colors, which makes it look premium. In the picture our living room wall is painted gray Duco in Mdf panel which is very fresh and looking beautiful.
Apart from this, you can also use some wall decoration elements like these wall decoration art frames to enhance the beauty of the wall.

If you also want to decorate your living room with such box shape MDF panels or if you have a good budget then you can get these board panels made in HDHMR and make the wall beautiful.

2- Straight up and down design

This is my favorite wall design pattern because it is simple to make, looks good and the combination looks great.

wall design

So you see, this design is very simple, you just have to keep in mind that use at least 4-5 inches wide and small 0.5 inches deep mdf strip or wooden strip.
And the color combination also plays a big role in this, as you can see in this photo how wonderful the golden colored down strip looks with the green color.

The wall of your living room is going to look very premium, who does not want to look too fancy and wants to decorate the wall in a better way in budget then you must try the wall design pattern.

3- Full height wall molding

If you want to get full height wall modeling done in your living room, if you want to create a luxury living room then you should definitely try this wall design.

wall molding design

So see in this image the point in the middle is the TV unit which has been used to design the back wall using mdf sheet and painted pure creamish white duco. You can also use HDHMR and PVC louvers.
After this, big molding has been done on both the sides in which inside one molding the other molding has been done, you can get this molding done in PVC or charcoal molding. To highlight a luxury living room, your budget should also be good.

To make the highlighted wall more beautiful, you can install two side wall hang lights which will give a very premium and luxury vibe as if you are sitting in a 5 star hotel.

4- Board and Beads Design

Quite simple but you can also consider the design to make the living room look modern and aesthetic. If your living room, your bedroom is bright or where there is a lot of natural light then you must try this wall design in your living room.

mdf panelling

You can make this design from MDF strips, if you want a premium and smooth finish, if your budget is low then you can make such designs using blockboard or plywood.

Now you have to paint it according to the color of your living room and elements like furniture, wall color, floor tiles. You can choose lighter shades of colors which will match the ambiance of the living room. Paint a dark shade only when there is proper lighting in your living room, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable in your living room.
This accent wall paneling is painted Minty Ale- 8419 Asian paint.

5- Diamond Shape Wall Design

So what do you think about this friends, look at this very beautiful looking wall design, look at this diamond shape mirror and the whole wall design is really looking very amazing, giving a modern and fresh feeling.

geometry wall design pattern

You can make it in a very simple way, using a strip of MDF or wood, just take special care of the decoration because this design is in diamond shape, so the entire design should look good from top to bottom.
2 Diamond shaped mirrors are giving a different life to the wall, then definitely try this wall design pattern on the accent wall of your living room hallway or bedroom.

6- TV Unit Wall Design

This very simple and beautiful looking design is going to make the wall of your TV unit look more beautiful, as you can see in this photo, this design pattern made of wood looks very modern.

tv unit wall design

If the height of the wall of your TV unit is less and the width is more then this wall design will look more beautiful. If you have painted a light shade color in your living room, drawing room, wherever you are going to design an accent wall, then you should paint the highlighted wall in a dark shade color as shown in the photo.

You can paint it charcoal color, dark blue, dark green also. And the straight looking strips can be painted with golden color. You can do anything it all depends on your ideas, be creative and highlight your TV unit wall with this design.

7- Another TV Unit Geometric Pattern

This is another TV unit wall design with a geometric pattern, which looks very beautiful if your living room, or wherever you want to highlight your wall. If the room is small, then you can paint the accent wall in a light shade of color. Do this, so that your small room looks bigger as shown in this photo.

wall geometry design

So which wall design pattern you like the most, rate your favorite design in the comment box. If you inspired by our wall design ideas and decorate your accent wall, so share your story with us, we will posting your story in our website to inspire other creator.

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