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Popular design of Modular Kitchen Colour Combination 2024

Most trending and latest design of modular kitchen colour combinations to elevate your Indian kitchen more elegant and innovative designs that reflect your unique taste. Kitchen is the heart of the home and most important place where you cook, your favorite food in t hat kitchen, when we hungry first we checkout the fridge . That place is “Kitchen” and if you plan to make your design of modular kitchen more attractive, color combination is most important thing to consider, because sometimes choosing color for your modular kitchen is scary and awful.

Don’t worry home design ideas give you some trending design of modular kitchen colour combination ideas and guidance through images, according to your taste, Vastu shastra and trust me you love it.

Modular Kitchen Colour Combinations

Rose Gold Modular kitchen With White color Combination

If you love bright, aesthetic, modern, and too much elegant look to make your small modular kitchen look bigger or very luxurious then consider this color combination for your modular kitchen.

Just look to the the shown image, What a great combination with rose gold cabinet with white countertop and upper modular cabinets is pure white color cabinet, also use white color glass profile.

Aluminum Profile glass shutters to make a perfect combination also using mosaic pattern kitchen wall tiles to give perfect look, and using Silver color or gold color G handle profiles on cabinets match the overall vibes.

Lighting play very important role, using LED profile below the upper wall cabinet to lighten up your countertop for easy to cooking, and also consider kitchen floor tiles like white and cream color marble texture tile.

Rose gold Is shade of pinkish-red color so according to Vastu shastra, rose gold with white modular kitchen Colour combination is best choice if your kitchen facing west and south, southwest and northwest.

Tan Brown Modular kitchen With White Color Combination

Trending, simple and clean design of modular kitchen, if your kitchen area is big enough then this tan brown with white modular kitchen colour combination is best choice. In the shown image, kitchen cabinets use tan brown color and countertop is white color. Kitchen floor tile is granite texture tile and wall tile is in white color.

Installing hidden LED profile in design of modular kitchen looking soo amazing and also help to improve overall lighting of your kitchen.

According to the Vastu Shastra, brown color is represent the earth and this color strong family relationship bond, good health, satisfaction, brings warmth. Tan brown with white color modular kitchen colour combination is consider as a lucky color for east, north and northeast facing design of modular kitchens. You an use any shades of brown color for any direction facing kitchens.

Silver Grey Modular kitchen With Black Colour Combination

According to Indians home kitchens, almost half of Indian kitchen made with black granite or use dark shade of granite so this combination is looking so nice, very modern and provide cool vibes.

In the shown image, all the handle-less modular cabinet used a silver grey color and countertop made with black granite, also used a black tinted glass in 1 row cabinets and to match the same color vibes use grey color tile on the kitchen wall. Make sure to use light shade of cream color kitchen flooring tiles like marble texture for overall amazing look.

According to the Vastu shastra, dark shade of grey color avoid, but light shade of grey color Like silver grey is good choice. If your design of modular kitchen facing west and north west direction then silver grey with black modular kitchen colour combination for year 2024, very popular and modern choice.

Sage Green Modular kitchen With Beige Color combination

A perfect shade of green colour, sage green give you a fresh vibes and aesthetic look to your kitchen. Make your modular kitchen cabinets with sage green with white or beige countertop. You can also combine sage green with shades of cream and brown color, like in the shown image, kitchen flooring tile, kitchen open shelf and, paint a window in shade of cream color or brown color.

Also make sure paint your modular kitchen wall in light shade colour (light shades of sage green or shades of cream color) or if you choose tiles then go with light shade color tile, like white marble texture tile. Use kitchen cabinet handles in golden or in black color to match perfectly with sage green.

According to the Vastu, if your kitchen facing north, south and east direction then sage green colour with shades of cream and beige is best modular kitchen colour combination in 2024. Avoid green colors if your modular kitchen facing west direction.

Pastel Blue Modular kitchen With White Color combination

If you want your small design of modular kitchen looking so big, clean, simple and modern then this colour combination is best choice for you. Make modular kitchen cabinets, kitchen open shelfs with pastel blue color and make a countertop in white color, looking soo elegant.

Decorate your kitchen wall with white pattern tiles, mosaic tile, marble texture tiles, or paint walls with shades of cream color and also make sure flooring tiles also in shades of white color.

According to Vastu Shastra, blue not a good choice for your modular kitchen, because blue represent the water element, but light shade of blue color like pastel blue, navy blue is good choice. If your kitchen North-facing direction then consider pastel blue with white modular kitchen colour combination.

Sky Blue Modular kitchen With Black & White Colour Combination

Most Indians kitchen countertop made with black granite, and match the color with dark color granites with 2 more color combination looking amazing and very modern. For example make below the countertop, kitchen cabinet with light shade of color and heighted kitchen cabinets with another color.

In the shown image, countertop is black color granite and kitchen cabinet used sky blue, and upper modular kitchen cabinets use white color.

If you don’t want to make a upper cabinets or have a small kitchen area, then consider light shade of white, pink, grey, yellow, green color on modular cabinets. it look great with black, brown, granite usually used in the Indians home kitchen. Also consider kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles are light shade of brown or beige colors, white marble tile or with textures and design.

According to Vastu shastra, sky blue with black and white modular kitchen colour combination is best choice for north facing kitchen.

Yellow Modular kitchen with Black Color Combination

If you like vibrant, glamorous, and classy looking design of modular kitchen then this color combination is perfect choice, also look amazing if your kitchen countertop is made with granite. In the shown image, All the modular kitchen below cabinets use yellow color and upper cabinets full black in colour and also using black tinted profile glass shutter on upper cabinets give modern and aesthetic look to the modular kitchen.

Yellow with black modular kitchen colour combination best option if your countertop dark in color like black, grey and brown, all these are most very common granite colors used in most of Indian kitchens (Grey color granite countertop shown in image). Kitchen wall tile and floor tiles plain white in colour, you can also used light shade of cream & beige color tiles.

We use dark color combination in this image so Also make sure use proper lights to improving overall design of modular kitchen look, like led profile lights inside the profile glass shutter cabinets, very small round LED panel light on upper cabinets. Also install hidden LED profile strip below the profile glass shutter to improving countertop lighting. You can also install floor LED profile below the yellow cabinets like shown in the image, but this is optional.

According to the vastu shastra if your kitchen facing west, north west direction then yellow with black modular kitchen colour combination is amazing option because yellow color is symbol of joy and happiness.

My Thoughts

All the shown image of modular kitchen color combination is very popular and beautiful design ideas also suitable for Indian home kitchen. I wrote color name to their actual names not according to the company who sell laminate and acrylic, may be their color name will be different from the name given by us. Marino, CenturyPly and Greenlam are provide good quality of laminates and acrylic.

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  • What to use Laminate or Acrylic on modular kitchen?

    Use Laminates in your modular kitchen because laminate is budget friendly and more durable and easy to maintain or if your budget allow you then use acrylic sheet because it will provide high gloss finish and luxurious feel. If you want to use both so you can use laminates in lower section cabinets and use acrylic on upper wall kitchen cabinet.

  • Best modular kitchen colour combination for Indian kitchen?

    According to the Indians design of modular kitchen, mostly black, brown and grey granite use for kitchen countertop and matching with these dark shade of color are sky blue, yellow, aqua green, light pink and grey color are best color combinations.

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