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Indian Style Modular Kitchen Design with black granite 2024

Best top 10 modular kitchen design with black granite kitchen countertop according to the Indian style home kitchen looking so clean, modern and elegant. Almost 80% Indian use dark shade of granite like black, brown and grey for home kitchen countertop.

Sometimes this is scary and awful to selecting best modular kitchen colour combination with black granite, but don’t worry we are here to guide you for the most popular and 2024 year trending modular kitchen design with black granite countertop, so your kitchen look so elegant and beautiful.

Modular kitchen Design with black granite

Beige color combination with Black Granite

If your kitchen is small and using a dark shade of black granite, then the shade of beige color combination is a great choice for you, because using beige with black granite modular kitchen color combination will make your Indian home’s kitchen look Looks bigger and modern.

Use little dark shade of beige color in below cabinets of the black granite countertop, and use light shade of beige color in the wall cabinets also use glass profiles and led profile lights to provide modern and aesthetic look to the Indian style modular kitchen.

If your kitchen is small and there is no source of natural light, then paint the kitchen wall white, use cream colored wall tiles in the kitchen, also make sure to use white colored or cream colored floor tiles. Use so that your kitchen looks bigger and you do not have to face suffocation.

Bluish Grey color combination with Black Granite

Perfect combination of lighting, glossy finish, modern, luxury vibes Indian modular kitchen design with black granite platform countertop. Make your overall modular kitchen cabinet with bluish shade of grey high gloss acrylic sheet to get luxurious feeling and use black granite in your kitchen countertop.

Lighting is also important to achieve a modern look, you also need to consider using black glass profile shutters to match this amazing looking black granite. Using the same color as the kitchen wall tile or use white marble texture tile to match the overall combination is also a good choice, if you use grey color modular kitchen design with black granite, then use light shade of white, grey, cream and beige color tiles for flooring.

First of all ignore the messy kitchen and also cylinder, just focus on the design of modular kitchen, so if you like matt finish not so much glossy finish modular kitchen and have a small kitchen then consider this color combination modular kitchen design with black granite for your Indian home kitchen.

Choose Navi blue laminate on overall modular cabinets and use rose gold color on your G profile, for kitchen wall and floor tiles choose white texture tiles like marble texture, granite texture tile (shown in the image). Also consider the LED profile lights in below the modular cabinets, for improving overall lighting of your small modular kitchen.

Greenish Grey combination with Black Granite

Shade of green with grey color perfect combination with black granite platform kitchen countertop, also if your kitchen is very small like shown in the image, just look this organized small modular kitchen design.

Using greenish grey matt finish laminates on the overall modular cabinets provide simple, modern and elegant look to your small modular kitchen design with black granite. Also make sure use other elements like kitchen wall tiles, floor tiles and open selves color will be white, and cream color.

Petrol Blue Color combination with Black Granite


I love this simple, clean and organized hi-gloss finish modular kitchen design with black granite countertop. Just look to the perfect combination of colors shown in the image, used petrol blue hi-gloss acrylic in below the countertop cabinets with silver gold G profile looking to clean and modern.

You can combine upper wall cabinets color with white color laminates or acrylic with petrol blue and make open shelves with wooden or use texture laminate. Use white, beige texture tile, light grey color texture tile (shown in the image) on the kitchen walls, match and improve the overall modern kitchen vibe.

Grey Color combination with Black Granite

So beautiful combinations of color, if you want to make a premium handle-less modular kitchen with black platform countertop so highly recommend this design of modular kitchen.

In the shown image, L shaped modular kitchen design with black granite combination with grey color acrylic sheet on the cabinets is perfect choice, and keep a upper wall cabinets and shelve transparent using glass profile to add a luxurious touch to the modular kitchen.

Using wooden texture tile on the kitchen wall also a good choice, if you are using wooden textures tile then also make sure to use LED profile light to highlight these tiles and overall countertop lighting. Also consider to choose perfect floor tile for your premium modular kitchen, like in the shown image, used bluish grey marble texture tile.

Aqua Green Color combination with Black Granite

If you like bright, vibrant look modular kitchen then you can choose these modular kitchen design with black granite. In the shown image, Using aqua green Hi-gloss acrylic finish on modular cabinet looking vibrant and very elegant. If you are using vibrant color cabinet then use dark shade of G profile handles. Also use glass profile shutter and use LED light inside the shelves to show your kitchen crockery.

If you also choose these kitchen wall tiles shown in the image, I know most of Indians people like these types of wall tiles and use in their kitchen or you can choose white marble texture tiles, mosaic tiles for aesthetic and premium kitchen look.

Cream Color combination with Black Granite Countertop

This is the perfect example of modern and organized Indian style small modular kitchen design with black granite, using cream color high gloss acrylic finish on bellow the countertop cabinets and light shade of white and cream color on upper wall cabinets is amazing choice for your modular kitchen.

To make more luxury modular kitchen then use 3D texture wall tiles, use black tinted glass profile and also make sure using LED profile light below the wall cabinets to lighten up your black kitchen countertop. Cream color tile also a good choice for your kitchen floor you can also choose white shade of tiles like marble texture, granite texture tiles etc.

Yellow combination with Black Granite Countertop

Vibrant and high saturated color combination of Indian style modular kitchen, If you are planning to make modular kitchen design with black granite and choose a deep shade of color, then go for yellow colored high-gloss acrylic or matte finish laminates on your cabinets. Use pure black laminate on your wall cabinets to match duo tone of modular kitchen.

To provide more modern look, then use black tinted glass profile wall cabinets and decorate with LED lights also use LED profile lights below the wall cabinets to maintain the lighting of your modular kitchen because using darker color tone in your kitchen is awful so use lights properly. Also consider the light shade of cream and white color wall tiles and floor tiles you don’t feel suffocation.

Sky Blue with Black Granite Countertop

Perfect combinations for Indian style small modular kitchen to look bigger, when natural light come to the window your kitchen look very bright, elegant and beautiful. Make your overall modular cabinets with sky blue high gloss acrylic finish, also use black color G profile handle, for below the countertop cabinet you can use matt finish laminates to reduce the kitchen budget.

Also use white tinted glass profile on upper wall cabinets and yellow color open shelve looking so beautiful and match the overall modular kitchen design with black granite countertop. For kitchen wall and floor tile use white pattern tiles like shown in the image.

Teal Green with Black Granite Countertop

What you think about this cool and fresh design of handle-less modular kitchen color combination. Using hi-gloss teal green color acrylic finish for below the countertop cabinets looking so clean and modern. For upper wall cabinets use white color laminate or hi-gloss finish acrylic make your kitchen so beautiful. Using blur glass profile cabinets and mosaic tiles on kitchen wall add luxury and aesthetic vibe.

This is very amazing color combination for modular kitchen design with black granite countertop for medium also for small Indian kitchen. Teal green is darker color tone so use light tone of flooring tiles like white, cream and beige with marble texture finish.

My Thoughts

If you plan modular kitchen design with black granite countertop also if your modular kitchen is small then following color combinations are best choice, you can also matching with brown and grey color granites. If you want to make modular kitchen in low budget then use laminates, but want a premium feel then go with hi-gloss acrylic. My suggestion to choose acrylic finish sheet for upper wall cabinets and use laminate for below the countertop cabinets. Also consider to use proper lighting and glass profile cabinets to make modern and luxury kitchen.

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