10 Highlighted Wall Design For Living Room

10 Highlighted Wall Design For Living Room

My Home Design Ideas

Highlight your luxury living room accent wall with green color combination with golden strip

Highlighted Wall Design: 1

Checkout this beautiful MDF wall panel design, paint a grey color Duco paint also decorate with wall art.

Highlighted Wall Design: 2

Box shaped highlighted wall design made with MDF strips and paint minty Ale- 8419 asian paint on it.

Highlighted Wall Design: 3

Full Height 3D Wall Molding with MDF Wall panel in the center, Also hang wall hanging lights to get luxurious vibe.

Highlighted Wall Design: 4

Decorate your highlighted TV Wall unit with geometric shapes design and paint a lighter shade color.

Highlighted Wall Design: 5

Another amazing tv wall unit design with MDF strips to the wall and paint dark shape color to highlight the wall.

Highlighted Wall Design: 6

Diamond shape accent wall design and highlight with 2 diamond shape mirrors, and elevate your living room and bedroom walls.

Highlighted Wall Design: 7

3D Charcoal moulding design  to make your your living room walls luxurious and amazing touch with darker shade paint.

Highlighted Wall Design: 8

Full Height Charcoal molding for large living room walls and give them a luxurious touch with fancy wall hanging lights.

Highlighted Wall Design: 9

Decorate your living room and hallway with full height MDF strip and make geometric shape according to your choice.

Highlighted Wall Design: 10